SN#12807 Sun Java[TM] Studio Creator Early Access Release and Databases

Vol 74 Issue 3 2004-04-19  Article 12807 from section "Developer's Section"

     Resources Answer Developers' Frequently Asked Questions

        PointBase database comes with the early access release of the Sun
        Java[TM] Studio Creator application development tool for evaluation
        and testing purposes. It is the only database currently supported
        by the early release of this application development tool.

        In the future, developers will have this functionality available
        for all major database vendors. 

        For developers building test applications that access production
        databases, JDBC[TM] API (JDBC driver) from DataDirect works with a
        variety of databases. A free evaluation download of these drivers
        is available from the DataDirect Web site.

        For information regarding integrating third-party database drivers
        with the Sun Java Studio Creator, including DataDirect drivers, the
        Sun Java Studio Creator Database Driver Integration Note is

        The early access release of the Sun Java Studio Creator application
        development tool incorporates the first release of production
        JavaServer[TM] Faces technology, making for greater performance and
        coding efficiency. The product also includes:

           - Sun Java[TM] Enterprise System runtime to allow developers to
             quickly evaluate applications in pre-production, including the
             Sun Java[TM] System Application Server, Platform Edition

           - PointBase, an SQL database server (included with the Sun Java
             System Application Server)

           - The Java[TM] 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE[TM]) Platform
             Software Development Kit (SDK)

           - Developer aids such as examples, tutorials, JavaServer Faces
             visual components and more

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