Contract Tandem Job with BASE24 and TAL Programming

Position Title:           Contractor - Applications Programmer

Location: Detroit , Michigan

The most important skills are BASE24/TANDEM with TAL programming.

They always go longer than 6 months!  Usually a couple years

Length of Contract:  Six months- Initial.

Job Description:

The Contractor - Applications Programmer will report directly to the
Tandem Programming Development Manager for BA Merchant Services in
Lansing Michigan .  Education and experience requirements include a
four-year degree accompanied by 3-5 years experience.  Equivalent Work
experience can be substituted for a for-year degree.

The following are base requirement for the Contractor - Applications
Programmer position:

=B7         Ability to multi-task and maintain appropriate historical
and project management documentation for several ongoing of initiative

=B7         Ability to maintain and foster relationships with corporate
customers and other BA Merchant Services teams during implementation
and in a post-implementation support environment.

=B7         Strong skills and technical experience in a BASE, HP/Tandem
applications environment.

=B7         Ability to perform analysis and create project requirements
documentation and detail specifications.

The following are desired requirements for the Contractor -
Applications Programmer position:

=B7          Experience with BASE24 POS terminal drivers, POS router
authorization modules, and standard ISO8583 online message

=B7          Experience in the credit, debit, and EBT card processing
industry in relation to data processing and familiarity with the types
of data entities involved in the card processing industry.

=B7          Knowledge of BASE24 POS with the ability to configure and
understand processing environments such BASE24 data base, Pathway and

=B7          Familiarity with various communications protocols,
analyzing tools and simulators.

=B7          Experience with HP/Tandem C++, Java, and TAL programming

=B7          UNIX systems experience along with the HP/Tandem BASE24

The responsibilities for the Contractor - Applications Programmer
include but are not limited to the following:

=B7          Planning, development testing, and documentation of
computer programs on BASE24 HP/Tandem computer system.

=B7          Coordinate and implement change control procedures for
assigned Initiatives projects.

=B7          Project Management for assigned projects.  Role could
include the management of project tasks and resources.

=B7          Perform analysis and design for new programs and
modifications to existing programs to determine cost and time required
compatibility with current systems, impact to existing structure, and
to develop the steps necessary to complete assigned projects.

=B7          Coding and development of computer programs, Tal programs
will comprise the majority of the system to be analyzed along with
some C++ and Java programs.

=B7          Certifications and testing of new programs and enhancements
to existing programs.


Mike Corwin

Manager - Business Development - Data Group Inc

Certified Minority Women Owned Business Enterprise (MWBE)  & Small
Business Enterprise (SBE)


Office: 1-732-791-2348 xtn: 230 |Direct: 1-732-734-0483 | Fax:
732-907-1174, 732-960-2339 | Email: mike@datagrp.com |Website:


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