Altiworld BBS

I have tried to avoid being a pest about the BBS, but have some news to sha=
re. =20

The Altiworld BBS system has been under a lot of refinement lately, includi=
ng adding some tutorials on effectively navigating the system.

I've also put up a web front-end to the bbs at http://www.altiworld.com.  J=
ust use any modern browser that supports HTML 5.

It doesn't matter what your favorite system is, we've got a subboard to int=
erest you.  You can also use Altiworld as your launchpad to other bbs syste=
ms via the gateway.  Finally, we also offer IRC service to Freenode, Newnet=
, A2Central Chat and ADAM Wiki Chat.

I hope to see you there!

Port 6400 -> PETSCII
Port 513 -> ANSI
11/22/2016 5:02:04 AM
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