Messed up the device jumpers on my drives.

Can't get them back how they were.

Have a TRS-80 model 1 and have 3 drives on it. The IDE ribbon cable just has 3 ends on it too with pins out for other drives I guess.

What I found out trying for a week to get it back is the drives can be there default device numbers it's were you plug them in on the IDE cable but the last drive has to have like a terminator on it.

My boot drive 0 I never changed. It's a 40 track on sided.

Drive 1 is a 80 track 2 sided.

Drive 2 is a 40 track 2 sided.

Drive 1 is on the end and it must have a way to set it to be a terminator with jumpers.

Drive 1 is a "TEAC FD-55F-03-U"

The jumper labels on it are:

HS, DS0, DS1, HM, DS2, DS3, and MX.

Only have 2 jumpers to use. It worked before I messed the jumpers up.

I can get this drive to work but it's the drive 2 I can't.

Drive 2 is a "FDD 211-5 01" full size not half size type.

Can get it to be drive 2 when I do a "DIR :2" but it can't read it so I go to format it and when it goes to verify it just errors.

Looks like all the 3 drive spin too when I do a DIR or format. But only the one drive a say does the LED light on.

If I know this a week ago I would of never messed with the jumpers on the drives. It was all working a week ago.

-Raymond Day
9/24/2016 12:13:50 PM
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