[ANN] Word Form to PDF Form by eDocPrinter PDF Pro

New Features:
I. Word Form ==> PDF Form by Word-addin
Text field, Dropdown list, Checkbox, 
Also Mutli-line text field, Submit and Reset button

View the sample now:
PDF-Form sample: http://www1.iteksoft.com/download/demo/demoform1.pdf
Original Word-Form sample:

(1) Word Addin - Heading to PDF bookmarks; links, cross-references,
TOC, and etc to PDF links; ...
(2) PowerPoint Addin - Outlines to PDF bookmarks; links and
cross-references to PDF links; ...
(3) Excel Addin - Sheet names to PDF bookmarks; Hyperlinks and
cross-references to PDF links; ...

II. Multiple profiles: multiple printer instances of eDocPrinter PDF
Pro with their own unique settings

III. Embedded text commands for automation by ERP, Database report, or
any application with text output without special API calls. Please
refer to the embedded commands usage guide for details and samples.

eDocPrinter PDF Pro also includes features:

MUI (Multi-Lingual UI) Selection (English, German, French, Spanish,
Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Danish, and Swedish)
Auto bookmark generation by text attribute matching
Merge with existing PDF by [Append to] , [Insert Before], or
Create Layered PDF (PDF 1.5 feature),
Smart N-up (1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 16 pages per sheet),
Manually scaling by percentage and margin adjustment,
Adding Custom Forms,
Standard PDF security setting (both 40bit and 128bit),
Watermark support (text, image, and compound, PDF1.4 transparency)
PDF-Stationary, PDF-Overlay (Overlay with existing PDF file as
URL action for text watermark,
Live URL and local file pattern detection
Font subset embedding (True Type and Type1, support CJK, Non-Ansi, and
Unicode fonts),
Email PDF as attachment (MAPI and SMTP),
Destination control and PostAction (silent batch printing, default
saveas path, auto-numbered filename ...),
Full Escape control for developers (refer SDK guide),
FULL XP-Style Themed when running in XP
Custom Document Information Fields and Open Action
Hiding Property Pages by administrators
Create PDF Layers (PDF 1.5 feature)
Office Addins (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint)
Multiple profiles
Embedded text commands for automation
eDocPrinter PDF Pro Ver 6.05 for Win2k/XP is available for free
download now.
As before, it's a FULL function version with stamping trial watermark
after page 3 of PDF generated. Registering is only $29. 

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