Creating an editable PDF Form From a Paper Form

I have a business that requires me to regularly file permit applications. I 
would like to convert this paper form to a pdf form that will allow me to 
type the information into the pertinent fields and print it out for faxing 
or mailing. My pdf software is Foxit Pro (which allows me to type info in 
the proper fields in existing PDF forms).

I'm not quite sure of the simplest way to accomplish this:

1) I suppose I could just reproduce the form in Word and convert it to pdf. 
Of course, this would be time intensive (and would it allow me to enter type 
in the proper places?).

2) Perhaps it could be scanned in and processed with a program such as Omni 
Pro, converting it to editable text and then convert it to pdf?

These are just speculative ideas, as I really have no experience in this 
area. I'm not opposed to paying for software, but prefer the cheapest, 
simplest method given that I would probably only need to convert a couple of 
forms, after which the software would remain unused unless I needed another 
form (not likely).

Thanks for any advice or ideas,

7/13/2007 6:34:36 PM
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