link FROM pdf TO Word *bookmark*?

Wise Ones,

I wrote a PDF with a footnote/citation in it, and then in Word 2003 format I 
have the original journal article (written by someone else) to which my PDF 
footnote refers.  (Actually, I have about 50 footnotes and 50 separate 
articles in Word format.)

So that the reader of my PDF can easily verify the cited publication 
actually stands for that which I assert in my PDF,  I want to hyperlink FROM 
the PDF footnote/citation TO a particular Word bookmark.

That is, I want to do more than just have the PDF link open up the Word doc 
and go to the first page of the doc only; rather, I want to click on the PDF 
link, and then have the Word file auto open, and also be automatically taken 
to a *particular* bookmark (e.g., page 5, second paragraph) within the cited 
Word doc.

Can I do that and how?



3/13/2005 2:34:04 PM
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