PDF gets printed as image


when creating a PDF out of OpenOffice and trying to print it, I noticed
the printing jobs getting awfully big. After looking into the issue, it
seems that the document gets printed as image, with all the fonts lost
(even though the option "Print as image" is not active). The printing
works fine for a PDF generated in Distiller.

I tried on different printers with the same results. What could the
problem be? The only difference between the OpenOffice PDF and the
Distiller PDF that I could notice is the "Encoding" of the fonts (as
seen in the document properties dialogue). While the Distiller PDF uses
"ANSI", the OpenOffice PDF uses "Built-in".

Do you have any ideas why these documents get printed as image?
Do you know / could you give me a pointer what the font encoding does
and how to affect / change it?

I uploaded a test PDF generated in OpenOffice here:

Thank you very much,


12/5/2005 9:14:14 AM
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