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I was asked to create a directory for some students that have taken a
course. Initially I started with Illustrator but then I was told that the
person who would input the information (first, last name, address etc) didnt
know how to use it. My job was to create the design and convert it into a
form.  The directory has 15 pages in total, each page contains 6 boxes (6
students per page) and each box contains 8 entry fields for every student.I
created the PDF file and created the text input fields with the form tool on
page 1 and duplicated the fields for the additional 14 pages. My problem is
that when I enter the info in page 1 it gets copied in all the other pages.
I found out that all the pages have been assigned the same text field ID and
thats why the input info is getting duplicated.

My question is if there is a way to create the text fields for student 1 (or
page 1) and then duplicate them in the additional pages with a different
value ID so every student has its own text field ID. I would hate to go back
and assigned manually a different ID for each field for each student for
each page yuckkkkk  ;-(  (thats 720 values approx)

If there is a way could you tell me how to do it and what tools to use? Im
using Acorbat 6 Professional (still have 5 if you know how to do it with
this version)



12/2/2003 11:07:19 PM
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