latex: Negative indent in an enumerated list inside a theorem?

How do I do in latex, a negative indent on an enumerated list inside a Theorem?

I have a math book where sometimes the theorems are written like this:

If all cows are spherical and either:
         (1) the moon is made of green cheese,
      or (2) there are canals on Mars
then pluto is a planet.

How do I copy this style in latex, specificly the negative indent
on the "or"?

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6/16/2010 10:27:51 PM
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In article <>,
 Paul Elliott <> wrote:

> How do I do in latex, a negative indent on an enumerated list inside a 
> Theorem?
> I have a math book where sometimes the theorems are written like this:
> ----------
> Theorem.
> If all cows are spherical and either:
>          (1) the moon is made of green cheese,
>       or (2) there are canals on Mars
> then pluto is a planet.
> ----------
> How do I copy this style in latex, specificly the negative indent
> on the "or"?

There may be a more elegant way to do this, but here's one way:

If all cows are spherical and either:
   \item the moon is made of green cheese,
   \item \OR there are canals on Mars
then pluto is a planet.


6/16/2010 11:13:56 PM
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