metapost problem

Hello, I've updated miktex 2.8 to 2.9.

This file :

%prologues := 3 ;


input Macros-nk ;

u := 1cm ;

z0=(0,0); z1=(2u,7u); z2=1/2[z0,z1];z3=(7u,7u);z4=(5u,0); z5=1/2[z3,z4];
draw (0,0)--(2u,2u)--(2u,7u) withpen pencircle dashed evenly;
draw (7u,2u)--(2u,2u) withpen pencircle dashed evenly;
%draw (3.5u,u)--(7u,7u) withpen pencircle dashed evenly;
%draw (2u,2u)--(5u,0) withpen pencircle dashed evenly;
%draw (5u,0)--(7u,7u); A etex, (0,0)); B etex, (5u,0));
label.rt(btex C etex, (7u,2u));
label.lft(btex D etex, (2u,2u));
label.lft(btex E etex, (0,5u)); H etex, (2u,7u)); G etex, (7u,7u));
label.rt(btex F etex, (5u,5u));
label.lft(btex $O_1$ etex, z2 );
label(btex $\times$ etex, z2);
label.rt(btex $O_2$ etex, z5 );
label(btex $\times$ etex, z5);


give me .log :

This is MetaPost, version 1.211 (MiKTeX 2.9) (MiKTeX 2.9) (mem=mpost 
2010.11.04)  8 NOV 2010 21:49
 >> cubeaixmarseille90.mpx
! Unable to make mpx file.
                     A etex, (0,0));
The two files given above are one of your source files
and an auxiliary file I need to read to find out what your
btex..etex blocks mean. If you don't know why I had trouble,
try running it manually through MPtoTeX, TeX, and DVItoMP

The command line est mpost -tex=latex. What must i do ?

Thanks, Jean-�ric.
11/8/2010 8:55:45 PM
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On 8 Nov, 21:55, jean-=E9ric <> wrote:
> Hello, I've updated miktex 2.8 to 2.9.
> This file :
> %prologues :=3D 3 ;
> verbatimtex
> %&latex
> \documentclass{article}
> \usepackage{tarassmetapost}
> %\usepackage[T1]{fontenc}
> \begin{document}
> etex;


> give me .log :

> ! Unable to make mpx file.
> l.27
> =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0A etex, (0,0));





should solve the problem. As far as I remember, this is a
=93feature=94 (or a =93bug=94, depending how you see it) introduced with mp=
1.210, by which *anything* after verbatimtex and up to etex, including
any whitespace and newlines, are left intact. This causes some
trouble, because %&latex ends up in the second line of the generated
file (given that the newline after verbatimtex is not stripped out)
and the tex processor does not parse it. So, that directive ends up
being ignored.

You may take a look at the release notes for mpost >1.210 to check
whether such behaviour has been corrected (I do not remember now).


11/9/2010 4:08:09 PM
On 8 Nov, 21:55, jean-=E9ric <> wrote:

> The command line est mpost -tex=3Dlatex. What must i do ?

Sorry, I have read your post too quickly. Actually, I am able to
compile your code if I comment the \usepackage{tarassmetapost} line (I
do not have that package). Are you sure that package is found? A look
into mpxerr.log should tell you what is wrong.

11/9/2010 4:17:11 PM
Le 09/11/2010 17:17, nicola a �crit :
> On 8 Nov, 21:55, jean-�ric<>  wrote:
>> The command line est mpost -tex=latex. What must i do ?
> Sorry, I have read your post too quickly. Actually, I am able to
> compile your code if I comment the \usepackage{tarassmetapost} line (I
> do not have that package). Are you sure that package is found? A look
> into mpxerr.log should tell you what is wrong.
> Nicola

Thanks Nicola, the package tarassmetapost was not found, i try with



but i've got the same matter.
I'll see later the problem, ans try to solve it.

11/9/2010 5:01:35 PM
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