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  My documents sometimes have long titles, and these titles
don't fit into one line of TOC (table of content). I managed
to fix the problem by creating a macro:

% Generalized TOC entry
% #1 -- label
% #2 -- label width
% #3 -- ID
% #4 -- text
% #5 -- text font tuning
% setup font
% start a hyperlink and a link rectangle
\hyperlink{#3}{\hbox to \hsize{\vbox{%
% start a paragraph, reserve space for label and page number
\noindent\leftskip=#2\rightskip=3em% 3em > space + 9--99
% make a label
\hbox to 0pt{\kern-#2#1\hfil}%
% TOC entry text
% page number
\hbox to 0pt{\hbox to 3em{\hfil\pageref*{#3}}\hss}%
% finish the box and the hyperlink

  TOC entries consist of three parts: label, text and page
number. If text is long and should be splitted on several lines,
then the text occupies only the text area.

  Having "tocX", I define styles for actual TOC entries:

% Toc Entries
% #1 -- label
% #2 -- ID
% #3 -- text

  and use in a document:

\tocHII{9.1}{id2295983}{Weitere Dokumentation von ...}
\tocHII{9.2}{id2296568}{Dokumentation von Zulieferern}

  All works fine. I'm sharing the code in hope it will be useful.

  My request: please comment how the code can be improved. For
example, I suppose that using "\vbox" is LaTeX is not very good,
but I have no idea for replacement.


Reply usenet5437 (22) 8/31/2004 9:18:22 AM

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