Surrounding text with text

I was wondering if it was possible to surround a text body with text
like so:

|H            N| 
|A  Main Body O|
|L  Text goes P|
|B  here      Q|
|              |
|              |
|              |
|              | 

This seems far-fetched, but just curious. I suppose that I could just
move stuff around by hand in the GIMP later on, but there's probably a
{better,more {extensible,clean}} way of doing it from (La)TeX.

meno15 (2)
7/20/2003 12:34:05 AM
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ptjm@interlog.com (Patrick TJ McPhee) wrote in message news:<bffbhe$per$1@news.eusc.inter.net>...
> Peter Flynn had an example like that, which he either posted here or
> posted a link here. It was something to do with a certificate -- try
> searching for his name and that word in google.
> It wouldn't be hard to do with metapost. I have a macro called `pathalong'
> which puts text along an arbitrary path.

Well, it's been a while, but I finally finished it. It's a little job
I was doing for an upcoming wedding. At any rate, I used pstricks to
make the text go along a path, along with a couple of hacks for sizing
(from graphicx) and kerning along the line (from soul). Here's the
code (don't laugh):



{\resizebox{!}{.35in}{The angels shall dance between you,}}
{\resizebox{!}{.35in}{and they will rejoice in}}
{\resizebox{!}{.35in}{the dance of life you do together.}}
{\normalsize{\an{ the bride is carrying a rosary her grandmother
brought back from a trip to the
Vatican for something \textbf{old} for something \textbf{new} the
bride  chose a
strapless Peau de Soie ball gown in ivory a good friend lent the bride
handmade lace and satin garter so she'd have something
\textbf{barrowed} and
to complete tradition a sapphire nose ring adorns the bride as


Thanks all for your tips!!!

Happy TeXing!,
meno15 (2)
7/26/2003 12:01:20 AM