TeXnicCenter + Miktex: unable to get dvipdfm to work

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I have just installed TeXnicCenter with Miktex installation. Everything
is fine except that I have been unable to configure to build the output
as :
LaTeX => DVI => PDF (using dvipdfm). Can anyone give any pointers?

Reply agrawal.abhishek (15) 1/3/2005 4:51:26 AM

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abhishek agrawal wrote:

> I have just installed TeXnicCenter with Miktex installation. Everything
> is fine except that I have been unable to configure to build the output
> as :
> LaTeX => DVI => PDF (using dvipdfm). Can anyone give any pointers?
> Thanks,
> Abhsihek

Do you have ghostscript and ghostview installed?

Laurie Savage
Physics/IT Pascoe Vale Girls College
Pascoe Vale, Victoria, Australia
Reply docsavage1 (41) 1/3/2005 5:52:28 AM

I have both ghostscript and ghostview installed.
The problem is that I am using hyperref package. When I go through the
DVI => PS => PDF the links are not active (this option from TeXnic is
working fine and is producing a PDF). I have a lot of eps figures in
the document, so to convert them to another format and use PDFTeX is an
option I am enthusistic about.

Reply agrawal.abhishek (15) 1/3/2005 8:07:42 AM

 "abhishek agrawal" <agrawal.abhishek@gmail.com> writes:
>I have both ghostscript and ghostview installed.

good.  that's one thing that might have caused dvipdfm not to work.

since you don't actually say what the problem is with dvipdfm, it's
hard to be much help: what error messages does dvipdfm emit (hint:
if texniccenter is hiding these messages from you, try finding the log
file that it saves them in). 

>The problem is that I am using hyperref package. When I go through the
>DVI => PS => PDF the links are not active (this option from TeXnic is
>working fine and is producing a PDF).

error messages?  this works for most people.  (you've not left the
[dvipdfm] option to hyperref in there, have you?)

>I have a lot of eps figures in
>the document, so to convert them to another format and use PDFTeX is an
>option I am enthusistic about.

epstopdf does the conversion for you (it's the same thing, in essence
as dvipdfm does on the fly).

it's a bit difficult to get a handle on what you actually _want_...

there's a sequence of faq answers starting at
http://www.tex.ac.uk/cgi-bin/texfaq2html?label=dvipsgraphics (click
"next" button at bottom of each page) which might just help.
Robin (http://www.tex.ac.uk/faq) Fairbairns, Cambridge
Reply rf53 (2582) 1/3/2005 3:56:27 PM

Thanks for the hint on checking the log. The error message was hidden
by TeXnic. Somehow I managed to track it and understood that I was
passing the arguments to dvipdfm wrongly. It is now working fine.

Reply agrawal.abhishek (15) 1/4/2005 3:07:05 AM
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