Lakos Object Petri Nets

Charles Lakos tries to show in one of his papers the natural evolution
from CPNs to OPNs. The Paper is called "From Coloured Petri Nets to
Object Petri Nets".

@incollection{ lakos95from,
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In this paper he introduces a different CPN formalism than Jensen in which
multiple arcs are not allowed, melting them to a single arc that is 
inscripted with an expression of a multiset-type. Therefore places have

However he does not change the definition of a token element regarding the
contained tokens: (p,c) where p in P and c in C. Using his definition
the "get" function cannot be evaluated for for an arc inscription like
2`a since it would evaluate to something like 2`(p,2`1) if a were bound
to 1 but "get" should evaluate to a multiset of token elements. Changing 
the token element definition to c in C* would leave the problem of the 
definition of a marking...

Does anybody work here with Lakos OPNs to help me with that issue?
Thanks in advance,
zombie8611 (15)
6/24/2003 9:12:20 PM
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