Black & Decker GC200 Gizmo Electric Can Opener, White

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We are satisfied with all aspects of this item except (1)
When in process of opening can or container the Blade & Lever assembly
must be held in place.  It is entirely Too Loose and continually
falls out of socket. Suggest you firm this up, to the point it can be removed with a light pull, but not loose enough to fall out.
The manual can opener was not opening cans any more and I needed a good  opener to take it's place, this filled the bill perfectly. Shipping was fast. 
This Gizmo has been a disaster, just like the Gemlin character of the same name. Initially, I was very happy to get this can opener.  It looked like quality.  That was the last positive feeling I had about it.
I ordered Gizmo from  I received Gizmo from  Since I use Amazon for other things, I am familiar with ordering from them but know they are the middleman.  No problem - for now.  
The initial charge takes 24 hours - not a bad exchange for a month's worth of can opening.  The following day, I was ready to open cans.  As I started to attach the Gizmo to the first can, the removable blade (for easy clean-up) fell off. Three times.  After retrieving it three times, I finally got Gizmo attached to the can.  By the way, this is not a light-weight unit, which was proved when I attempted the "hands-off" approach to can opening.  The can tipped over from the weight of the opener, spilling liquid all over my counter.
I grabbed and righted the can before it could hit the floor, removed Gizmo, picked up the blade attachment which fell off, reattached the Gizmo to the can, and watched as it walked around the can.  Since I now had a firm grip on the can to prevent a repeat of (see above), I had to rotate my hand around the can as it was chased (at low speed) by Gizmo.
Ah! The can was open.  Gizmo automatically shut off.  I lifted Gizmo, with can lid attached by the nifty magnetic lid disposer, away from the can.  The blade attachment stayed on the opener - TG.  I was making progress.  Over to the trash can, Gizmo with attached can lid in hand, opened the trash can, pushed the button to release the lid.  Oops.  Pulled the button to release the lid.  Better, but still attached.  Grabbed the lid and pulled.  It came loose, but now I've got bean juice all over my fingers and am holding a sticky lid, and I have defeated the purpose of the "easy-to-release lid disposer."  So, I stuck the lid back onto Gizmo, back over the trash can, and gave a quick yank on the lid release button.  The lid flew off, but, overcoming the laws of physics, came nowhere close to the trash can.  After chasing the lid which had rolled under a counter, and cleaning up the subsequent trail of bean juice, I was done with opening cans for the day.
The next day, I decided that it was my novice experience with Gizmo that was the problem, not the can opener itself.  I decided to use Gizmo to open another can.  After two attempts at fastening Gizmo to the can, and two reattachments of the blade assembly, I had Gizmo ready to go.  One push down on the on-button and... no power.  The battery was dead.  Nothing.  Zip.  Nada!  Note to Black & Decker:  I did NOT get a month's worth of open cans in one day.
Back into the charger (which is still laying on the floor under the wall socket) for another 24 hours.  The next day, I removed Gizmo from the charger, but, having no cans which required opening, I left it laying on the counter.  Another day gone by, and another can to open.  Same attaching routine, same dead battery.  Much darker mood.  I am not having fun.
The note that came with the product said not to return it to place of purchase, but contact Black and Decker.  I did this via B&D's website, customer service.  First, I had to register Gizmo.  Then, I had to write about my Gizmo woes.  A very friendly consumer website, but not really B&D's.  They have another company, Aplica, handling their customer service.  Aplica is Johnny-on-the-spot, though, and in two days I had received a response from them.  They needed all the information that I had just given them while registering Gizmo.  I responded with the requested information.
One more day and Aplica gave me another response.  This one I really did NOT like, and is the specific reason, all other ills aside, I rated this product, and Amazon, and OrangeOnions, so low.  In sending Aplica the product information, I immediately noticed that the model number I ordered (GC200) and the model number I had received (EM100) wasn't the same.  But, I thought, just an inventory glitch, and the product looked exactly like the picture on the website.  Now, however, Aplica informs me that the product model I have is no longer available. In fact, it's not even made any longer.  But, they will send me a new battery and a new charger.  Replace the original stuff, Aplica told me, and see if my (outmoded) Gizmo works.  If it doesn't work, Aplica will provide me with a new, updated, current model.
So, the bottom line is this:  I've been had.  Although the model number shown and ordered is one thing, what I got was something else.  Amazon's fault?  I don't know.  Maybe they just go by what OrangeOnions tells them.  But, somewhere, some body has to take responsibility for duping this particular consumer with an out-of-production model of a supposedly superior walk-around can opener.  And, one that's been in inventory so long that its rechargeable battery won't even charge.  
This may have, at one time, been a good can opener.  Even a superior can opener.  A fun can opener, but....  Bad business, Amazon.  And, one I cannot recommend to my family, friends, and neighbors, or anyone reading this review. Thumbs down, Roger!
I love this gadget. It is the best can opener you will ever find. Unlike the "as seen on TV One-touch type" the Gizmo actually attaches easily to cans (ANY size) and is super easy to clean. I have both models, the under cabinet type and the plug in recharger type. Kids have NO TROUBLE using it, another reason I was never happy with other brands.
These have SAVED my aching hands! I could never find an electric can opener that worked well enough (and they were always so hard to clean) so I always used the hand operated. I will NEVER go back to that or any other electric brand... especially since it's made by Black & Decker. I highly recommend it and gave several as gifts for the holidays last year.
Black & Decker Gizmo electric can opener in white.  Includes power pierce cutter, removable blade, cordless operation, auto off, hands-free operation, opens big and tall cans, mountable, batter charger and no-touch lid removal.
Offering three storage options, this cleverly designed appliance is not only convenient, it turns the chore of opening cans into a hands-free operation that's as fun as it is effective. The opener is cordless so it goes anywhere, eliminating the need to carry a can to a countertop or mounted electric opener. Simply clamp the opener onto any size can and let go of the soft-grip top. The opener then walks around the can on its own, shutting off automatically when the can is open. A swing-out magnet lifts the lid free. The opener is lightweight and recharges in a compact, 6-3/4-by-5-1/2-inch plastic charging base that can be mounted on a wall (mounting hardware included), set on the counter, or placed in a drawer. For easy cleaning, the removable, stainless-steel blade is dishwasher-safe. --Fred Brack


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