ddd font problem


First, let me say if this is the wrong group for this posting, please
let me know of a better newsgroup.  I figured developers would be more
familiar with using ddd, and thus why I posted here.

We cannot change the font size for the Data Display window.  We can
change the Default Font, the Variable Width font and the Fixed Width
font, but not the Data font.  The Default Font and the Variable Width
font are helvetica-medium and the Fixed Width font and the Data font
are lucidatypewriter-medium.  We tried to change the font through the
Data font selector and the ~/.ddd/init file.  The font specified in
the ~/.ddd/init file is displayed in the DDD preferences (Fonts)
dialog box, but still displays the same fixed font for the Data

We built ddd version 3.3.9 on one of our development boxes (SuSE Linux
on S/390, version 8.1).  Note that we get the following errors when we
start ddd up:

Warning: Could not load font "(Disabled)", using font "fixed" instead
Warning: Could not load font "...", using font "fixed" instead
Warning: Could not load font "[...]", using font "fixed" instead
Warning: Could not load font "[]", using font "fixed" instead
Warning: Could not load font "{...} using font "fixed" instead
Warning: Could not load font "{}", using font "fixed" instead
Warning: Could not load font "1: ", using font "fixed" instead
Warning: Could not load font "pi", using font "fixed" instead
Warning: Could not load font "3.1415", using font "fixed" instead
Warning: Could not load font "2: ", using font "fixed" instead
Warning: Could not load font "p", using font "fixed" instead
Warning: Could not load font "(Object *) 0x0", using font "fixed"
Warning: Could not load font "3: ", using font "fixed" instead
Warning: Could not load font "(Object *) 0xdeadbeef", using font
"fixed" instead
Warning: Could not load font "4: ", using font "fixed" instead
Warning: Could not load font "s", using font "fixed" instead
Warning: Could not load font "x", using font "fixed" instead
Warning: Could not load font " = ", using font "fixed" instead
Warning: Could not load font "1", using font "fixed" instead
Warning: Could not load font "y", using font "fixed" instead
Warning: Could not load font "2", using font "fixed" instead
Warning: Could not load font "x = 1y = 2", using font "fixed" instead
Warning: Could not load font "5: ", using font "fixed" instead
Warning: Could not load font "a", using font "fixed" instead
Warning: Could not load font "3", using font "fixed" instead
Warning: Could not load font "123", using font "fixed" instead

The ddd program works fine on my Linux box at home (running Fedora
Core 1).  I even compiled the 3.3.9 version on my Fedora Linux box and
again no problems.  So, given the warnings that spew out, I figure
this is a font problem on the SuSE Linux box.

Any help would be appreciated as I have been looking into this for
over a week.

Tim Grunewald
tgrunewa (2)
9/17/2004 7:22:21 PM
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