tcp/ip networking

        In my older book by Kochan et al. several structs are mentioned that 
are depricated. Can't we get by with sockadrr_in for example and addrinfo? 
Of course when IPv6 is needed we use sockaddr_in6. There is another 2 
structs I wonder about. sockaddr and sockaddr_storage. The last one being 
large enough for IPv6 too. The info I want from new sockets is stored in 
sockaddr_in right? Now I'm only dealing with IPv4. Should I declare a type 
of struct sockaddr_in and let getnameinfo() fill it with data? Is this the 
new way of doing it. I  only have my Kochan book at hand and it seems to 
contain the data types I need.


nospam116 (1225)
5/10/2010 6:24:50 PM
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