OT: linux, FC5 (having trouble with alt.os.linux)

I apologize profusely for posting this topic to this newsgroup but 
either I'm having trouble with alt.os.linux (going on a few days now) or 
it's having trouble and I don't know which it is (maybe some one else 
knows). I figured someone here would be knowledgeable enough to help me 
and/or let me know if my posting problems are mine or the newsgroups 
(BTW, I've posted from my work and home without luck but they may both 
use the same ISP). Well, if you've read this far...here's my 
(attempted?) post to the other group:

Topic: shutdown broadcast not showing up for user

I can not see shutdown warning message broadcasts when I'm logged into 
an windowing (KDE) session. In init 3 I see the messages fine, but as 
soon as I go to 5 they're getting lost (trapped?) somewhere and they 
never show up. The machine shuts down fine. Root can see them in 3 or 5. 
I'm running FC5.

The only odd thing I think I could have messed up lately had to do with 
a script that I created which shuts down the machine if a windows box 
that the script pings is not up (the pinged machine has power supply 
software to know when to shut down). That script is started upon boot 
and works as it should (i.e. shuts down machines when it should). I did 
have a shutdown once where for some reason (and this is beyond my 
knowledge, maybe someone can enlighten me) the broadcast message didn't 
show up and when I tried to log in as a user next time I could not 
because /etc/nologin existed with my broadcast message in it (I've since 
learned of the existence of this file...new one on me). Maybe this file 
was simply not removed (though I don't recall an improper shutdown) as 
it should have been. I'm assuming this may be related to my problem but 
could be way off. The script does nothing else directly intentionally 
(i.e. doesn't mess with any system files) on the system. Regardless, 
anyone have any ideas why I'm not seeing these messages as user in init 
5 any more?

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