How to identify D1000 by controller ID ???

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I need to service a system which has 2 servers and 2 D1000 arrays
attached in a HA setup (both servers have SCSI cables to both arrays).
How can I tell which D1000 is c0 and which is c1  ???

Reply unixzip (36) 4/20/2007 6:50:44 PM

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unix <> wrote:
> I need to service a system which has 2 servers and 2 D1000 arrays
> attached in a HA setup (both servers have SCSI cables to both arrays).
> How can I tell which D1000 is c0 and which is c1  ???

A) You look up the hardware you are using on the servers, track c0/c1 to
   a hardware path, map the hardware path to a physical slot, then trace
   the cable from that slot to the array.  Google and the hardware
   handbook help with finding those mappings.

B) Use format->analyze->read on one of the disks.  Walk to the front of
   the arrays and look for the rapidly flashing or almost extinguished
   light.  That's the one you're testing.

C) Go find the person that installed it and tell him that he forgot to
   label the hardware properly and to please do it now.

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Reply Darren 4/20/2007 11:03:28 PM
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