SSH and Kerberos in Solaris 9

I post this in the kerberos newsgroup as well. I have kerberos working
on a Solaris 9 box in the sense that if I type:

   kinit henrik

the system authenticates the password without error. I need to get ssh
to accept the kerberos authentication. In Linux it was easy to do, but
I am having trouble configuring the Solaris /etc/pam.conf file to make
this work. Uncommenting this section:

# Support for Kerberos V5 authentication (uncomment to use Kerberos)
rlogin		auth optional try_first_pass
login		auth optional try_first_pass
other		auth optional try_first_pass
cron		account optional
other		account optional
other		session optional
other		password optional try_first_pass

does not make ssh accept kerberos passwords for ssh logins. As a test I
enabled telnet and with telnet things fail as well:

login: henrik
Enter Kerberos password for henrik:
authentication failed:  Unknown code 2

On the login prompt the kerberos password is accepted, but then it
requests it again and the same password fails. I really am not
interested in getting telnet to work, it was just for diagnosis I tried

Any help would be appreciated.
    - Henrik

henrik11 (4)
10/26/2005 4:07:42 PM
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