Network LAN/WAN Problem

First, sit rep. I live and work in the jungle. In the city I wouldn't
be doing my job becaue someone better would have been found. However
enough of the complaining. I actually like living in the jungle a lot.
Wireless networking is the way to go because yesterday an elephant
rubbed against the tree holding the LAN cable up to the GM's house and
that was the end of that.
We have a satellite connection working on one PC. 256/128 connection
goes fine. Satellite NIC configured as sun
I need to make tyhe satellite available to another 32 PC's also in the
jungle. The LAN has worked fine for a year using a satellite/modem
set-up through USB link to the NIC, RJ45 setup using B/B cables
Now we have a new satellite up/down system. Satellite consumer box is
linked by LAN cable to the server, second NIC set to another ip addy, for reference.
I believe I will need to change the LAN NIC to 192.168.0.? to share
the internet connection. All machines use 2k, except for 2 XP machines
which do as they are told.
I have an ACCTON IG1004 gateway router, with WAN connection. I am
using LAN connections only and am able to connect the first PC to the
Satellite using a hub/switch. (Compex). When I try to connect the
satellite to the WAN port of the router it don't see nothing no how.
Suggestions please gentlemen and ladies.

IT Manager (In the Jungle)
8/27/2003 11:39:18 AM
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