Windows 2003 Server (SP2) vs Windows 2000 Server TCP/IP Performance


I have a W2K and a W2K3 server under test.

The test program has two components:
1.  a simple TCP/IP test server
2.  a simple TCP/IP test client

Both are very small programs (written in VB using a third party COM
component for sockets).   Both are running on the same machine. i.e.
the whole test is local to the machine.

The TCP/IP test server listens on a particular port (9000) on
Two TCP/IP test clients attempt to connect to the TCP/IP test server,
get a few bytes of test data (less than 100bytes) and close the
connection.    They repeat this process 1000 times without waiting.

The aim of this test is to determine how fast can connections be
established and closed on a W2K and compare it to W2K3.   We decided
to do this test after noticing a considerable performance degradation
in our application when installed on a W2K3 server.   It runs fine on
a W2K server.

The test results show that average connection open/close time is about
40 times slower on Windows 2003.

Windows 2000  :    10 msec (connection open/close time)
Windows 2003  :  400 msec (connection open/close time )

We've repeated this test on three W23 and there W2K servers with
similar results.


So far, we have tried changing several TCP/IP parameters (including
SynAttackProtect,  TcpMaxHalfOpen and a few others) without success.

I'd really appreciate it if someone can help.

Why is W2K3 slower than W2K in handling fast TCP/IP connection
establish/close cycles?


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