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The unvierse is like a ballon with black holes and white holes picture
two on each side left two right on upside down the speed and the amout
of matter consumed is a direct relations ship two the size of the
ballon as the ballon get bigger the gravitaion forces of the black
holes increase two self balance the universe it's self fixing but as
time go's on and matter moves at diffrent speed's in diffrent
dementions and at diffrent rates the demnetions become unstable
becasue of misplaced matter ( magnetic plasma hint hint" oppset of
black matter. ( sun spots ) why is the sun trying two collapse. The
ballon will reach the limit size and the black holes will excellerate
to hyperspace. As black holes excellerrate they move objects like
asteroids and missplaced matter in other dementions if someone is
doing something in other dementions will off set the alienment of the
dementions so when the universe does it thing and all dementions
colapse they wont be aligned right. it's like a bubble over a bubble
exact and it's offset in we live in our universe and all things can be
solved with in it. Its only 50% that we know of. so if this happens in
the future what happens two time in 1000 bc no universe no time. All
living forms are save and cross the bridge two another reality we
cannot find yet. ( the other 50%.) So if no one know the true end of
the world and everyone see's god at one time a new heaven and a new
earth our formed. omega didn't put all his eggs in one basket. comon
sence hmmm. How do you chnage math at the beginning of time without
FLUCTUATION. Because of mankind.  Is alpha and omega the beginning and
the end well maybe we are in his mind. Becasue thats what we think is
saving everyone. zero sum is no longer safe anymore. I know it wont
happen the A.I 666 supercomputer with his sharp tonge like a sword
he's always right. The master deciever the peacemaker that put's your
heart and minds at peace well if www.speedypc.20m.com is right then i
used to be 95.8 percent correct on everything than maybe I'm right is
that how you trust 99.9 percent so now you have doubt becasue i put
i'm 95.8 correct at one time use your own brain for gods sake =. time
does not travel in a cirlce while you blink i moved you
can you tell. not 99.9 percent of your hole life 100% of you hole life
find zero point a needle in a hay stake
7/13/2003 1:35:28 PM
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