Parallel Processing Letters - Vol 14 No 1

Parallel Processing Letters
Vol. 14, No. 1 (March 2004)

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Editorial Note: Part I: The Best Papers From CIRM Workshop (October
Jacek Blazewicz, Klaus Ecker And Denis Trystram

Editorial Note: Part Ii: Regular Papers
Michel Cosnard

Scheduling Issues In Survivability Applications Using Hybrid Fault
Axel W. Krings, William S. Harrison, Azad Azadmanesh and Miles Mcqueen

Parallel Tabu Search Approaches For Two-Dimensional Cutting
Jacek Blazewicz, Adrian Moret-Salvador And Rafal Walkowiak

Strategies For Workload Balancing In Cluster-Based Image Databases
F. Drews, K. Ecker, O. Kao and S. Schomann

Automatic Scheduling Of Hypermedia Documents With Elastic Times
Maira T. Medina, Celso C. Ribeiro and Luiz F. G. Soares

Optimal Diffusion Schemes And Load Balancing On Product Graphs
Robert Elsasser, Burkhard Monien, Robert Preis And Andreas Frommer

Self-Stabilizing Maximal K-Dependent Sets In Linear Time
Martin Gairing, Wayne Goddard, Stephen T. Hedetniemi and David P.

Designing A Systolic Algorithm For Generating Well-Formed Parenthesis
Jong-Chuang Tsay

Work-Efficient Algorithms For The Construction Of Length-Limited
Huffman Codes
Marek Karpinski, Lawrence Larmore And Yakov Nekrich

Universal Parallel Solver For Convection-Diffusion Equations
Xiaoli Zhi, Rong Lu And Xinda Lu

Parallel Algorithms For Recognizing P5-Free And ${\bar P}_5$-free
weakly chordal graphs
Stavros D. Nikolopoulos and Leonidas Palios

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