Cosimulation with Matlab

Dear All,

I am trying to Cosimulate Matlab and Cadence. That is my idea is to
simulate the circuit in Cadence using Spectre or AMS and to feed the
data to Matlab for deep analysis. For that I setup the SimulinkCoupler
and the Fixed-Cell coupler. But whenever I am trying to simulate from
AMS, (either in Parallel Matlab and AMS or Cosimulating Matlab and
AMS) I am getting two errors:

1. LD_ASSUME_KERNEL variable set which may cause unstable simulation.
2. couple module 'tb_ieee_802_11a_demo.I10': *E,INITCF: ERROR
(SIMLNK-66): [Internal] The connection to host 'localhost' and port
5023 failed
debjitjdv (59)
3/10/2010 7:12:08 PM
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