Smart features and controlling the driving sketch ...

Someone just pointed out something to me on these smart features of smart p=
arts.  So far I have only used smart features for panel mounted components =
so they will automatically cut same mounting holes.  Now one of my engineer=
s decided not to move the component in the assembly and updating the smart =
feature.  He just went to the part file and edited the sketch.  This allowe=
d him to edit the smart features sketch outside of the smart feature contro=
ls.  And you can guess what happened, the panel component did not fit into =
the newly defined hole. =20
So what we have is when you use a smart component the sketch for the cut fe=
ature on the part is undefined in the part file so you could move it.  I di=
d not know this.  Also I do not find a way in the existing part to repair w=
hat was done without inserting another component and run the smart feature =
on it.  I cannot find a way to revert the sketch to the original defined pr=
ofile. =20
So the question is, if you use smart parts/features, how do you lock down t=
he driving sketch so you cannot edit in the part level model and would forc=
e you to edit in the assembly.  I can fix the sketch entities but that will=
 not allow you to move the part in the assembly and have the cut feature fo=
llow.  I can freeze the features in the part level feature tree but I end u=
p with the same situation. =20
Now I have re-iterated to this user on our CAD policy of only editing these=
 items from the assembly.  I am sure that I will have to do an internal use=
r group meeting on these features.  What do you do, that is if you use thes=
e smart parts/features?
2/5/2015 7:13:09 PM
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