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From: Swetha Kotha <kswetha@juniper.net>
Subject: Looking for Compiler Expert @ Juniper Networks in Bangalore
Date: Thu, 8 Sep 2016 09:19:07 +0000

Compiler Architect - Staff/Sr Staff Engineer

An opportunity to affect a massive shift in the way a large Engg community
designs Software does not come every day. We are moving to Clang compiler tool
and are looking for an Architect - the first for the Compiler team in
Bangalore. While this is not a people management role, under his/her guidance,
the team will be tasked to develop compilers and compiler tools working
flawlessly in the Juniper environment to enable the entire Juniper development
team to move into the next orbit.

In this role, one will have to make judgement calls for the team on complex
problems, shape the roadmap and give solid technical guidance. This is also a
great opportunity to be a beacon for entire global compiler team based on the
ability to establish credentials in the senior technologists group.

About Team:
*	Compiler Tools Team customizes open source Compiler Toolchain for JunOS
(Juniper OS). The toolchain includes the compilers, coverage and profiling
tools, debuggers and dynamic memory analysis tools.
*	With Juniper exploring the option of low cost CPE devices which is only
possible with modern chipsets specially ARM (&#62; v7), there is a need for
most modern compiler toolchains distributed under tolerant licenses.
*	Juniper is moving towards using Clang compiler toolchain from LLVM. This
provides an opportunity to work on latest chipsets, new C coding standards
(C11, C++11/14), most recent debugging formats and Open source software.
*	Clang has always been designed as a platform for experimentation, allowing
programmers to easily extend the compiler to support great new language
features and tools. At some point, the authors of these extensions may propose
that the extensions become a part of Clang itself, to benefit the whole Clang
community, thus contributing back to Open source.

The Architect position requirs the applicant to possess the following skills:
*	Professional with over 15 years of experience in compilers and tools,
specializing in the GNU & LLVM tool chain on X86, ARM and PowerPC platforms
*	Strong algorithms and data structures knowledge in C and C++
*	Expert level knowledge of Compilers (GCC, Clang), Debuggers (gdb, lldb),
profilers (gcov, gprof), memory analysis tools like Valgrind and Clang
Sanitizers, Binutils and DejaGNU
*	System level knowledge on FreeBSD (&#62;9) and Linux(Ubuntu) OS
*	Good understanding of Build Makefiles, compiler flags and optimizations
*	Basic knowledge on scripting (python, shell) and testing (remote testing
*	Hands on with SVN and GIT SCM systems
*	Good knowledge of interdependencies between the build system, compiler
toolchain and the FreeBSD kernel libraries
*	Acquainted with work of Free Software and Open source Communities

9/11/2016 10:14:38 AM
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