Ann: Zip-Ada v.51 with LZMA compression

Zip-Ada is a portable and standalone library for dealing with
the Zip compressed archive file format.

Web site: http://unzip-ada.sf.net

You'll perhaps be interested by the new package LZMA.Encoding,
which does the whole "MA" part of LZMA compression in less than
400 lines - when comments are removed. But the comments might
be of interest as well if you want to understand LZMA...

The code can be browsed here:


Gautier's Ada programming 
NB: follow the above link for a valid e-mail address 
Recent changes:

* Changes in '51', 27-Aug-2016:
  - LZMA.Encoding has been added; it is a standalone compressor,
      see lzma_enc.adb for an example of use.
  - Zip.Compress provides now LZMA_1, LZMA_2 methods. In other words, you
      can use the LZMA compression with Zip.Create.
  - Zip.Compress has also a "Preselection" method that selects
      a compression method depending on hints like the uncompressed size.
  - Zip.Compress.Deflate: Deflate_1 .. Deflate_3 compression is
      slightly better.

* Changes in '50', 31-Mar-2016:
  - Zip.Compress.Shrink is slightly faster
  - Zip.Compress.Deflate has new compression features:
    - Deflate_Fixed is much faster, with slightly better compression
    - Deflate_1 was added: strength similar to zlib, level 6
    - Deflate_2 was added: strength similar to zlib, level 9
    - Deflate_3 was added: strength similar to 7-Zip, method=deflate, level 5

* Changes in '49', 21-Mar-2015:
  - encryption implemented (portable Zip 2.0 encryption scheme)
8/27/2016 11:03:28 AM
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