Parallel archiver version 3.72 is here..


Parallel archiver version 3.72 is here..

Now you can specify a directory path an a file name in the constructor.

In the next release i will bring you a command line program
that will allow you to automate efficiently the compression and 
decompression etc. of your directories and files and it will be really fast.

In my Parallel archiver i have implemented and compiled the Dynamic Link 
Libraries for new release of Zstandard v1.1.0 for 32 bit and 64 bit 
mingw compilers , you will find the Dynamic Link Libraries inside the 
zip file with the corresponding Object Pascal interface called 
ZSTDStream.pas that i have written and that you will find inside the zip 

Please look at the test_pzstd.pas demo inside the zip file for Parallel 
ZStandard compression , now the compression Level goes from 1 to 19

ZStandard compression is one of the best compression.

Now my Parallel archiver supports the following Parallel compression 

Parallel LZO , Parallel LZ4 , Parallel Zlib , Parallel Bzip , Parallel 
LZMA and Parallel Zstd compression algorithms for both the 32 bit and 64 
bit compilers.

And now my Parallel archiver is NUMA-aware and NUMA efficient and it 
minimizes efficiently the contention and it scales well.

I have thoroughly tested and stabilized more my parallel archiver for 
many years, and now i think that it is more stable and efficient, so i 
think that you can be more confident with it.

Important note:

Notice that i have not used a global password , but every file can be 
encrypted with a different password using my Parallel AES encryption 
with 256 bit keys. So the security level is this:

- When you encrypt , the content of the files will be encrypted but the 
names of the files and directories will not be encrypted, But if you 
want to encrypt also the names of the files and directories using 
Parallel AES encryption with 256 bit keys, please compress first into an 
archive, and after that encrypt all the archive into another archive.

- But when you encrypt , you can update the files with the update() 
method without giving the right password, and you can delete the files 
without giving the right password, but my level of security is that you 
can not access the encrypted data without giving the right password.

You can download my new version 3.72 of my Parallel archiver from:


Thank you,
Amine Moulay Ramdane.
10/1/2016 1:01:01 AM
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