Parallel archiver version 3.8 is here..


Parallel archiver version 3.8 is here..

Before, the Clean() method was creating a temp file that could
conflict with other files and this was not working perfectly,
but in this version i have used a GUID that has resolved
this problem and now it is working perfectly, now when you
call the Clean() method without any parameter and if
a temp file exist with the same name , it will ask you
to delete it or not, but if you pass true as a parameter
it will force deleting the temp file with the same name.

So now i think that my Parallel archiver is more professional,
and i have tested it thoroughly and i think it is more stable
and efficient.

Here is its supported features:

- Opens and creates archives using my Parallel LZ4 or Parallel LZO or 
Parallel Zlib or Parallel Bzip or Parallel LZMA or Parallel Zstd 
compression algorithms.

- Wide range of Parallel  compression algorithms: Parallel LZ4, Parallel 
LZO, Parallel ZLib, Parallel BZip ,  Parallel LZMA and Parallel Zstd 
with different compression levels

- 64 bit supports - lets you create archive files over 4 GB , supports 
archives up  to 2^63 bytes, compresses and decompresses files up to 2^63 

- Now my Parallel Zlib gives 5% better performance than Pigz.

- Supports memory and file streams , adds compressed data  directly from 
streams and extracts archived files to streams  without creating temp files.

- Save/Load the archive from stream

- Supports in-memory archives

- You can use it as a hashtable from the hardisk or from the memory

- Fault tolerant to power failures etc..

- Creates encrypted archives using Parallel AES encryption with 256 bit 

- Fastest compression levels are extremely fast

- Good balanced compression levels provide  both good compression ratio 
and high speed

- Maximum compression levels provide much better compression ratio than 
Zip, RAR and BZIP and the same as  7Zip with 8 megabytes dictionary.

- It supports both compression and decompression rate indicator

- Now it supports processor groups on windows, so that it can use more 
than 64 logical processors and it scales well.

- It's NUMA-aware and NUMA efficient.

- It minimizes efficiently the contention so that it scales well.

- You can test the integrity of your archive
- Easy object programming interface

- Full source codes available.

- Platform: Win32 , Win64

You can download the new version 3.8 of my Parallel archiver from:


Thank you,
Amine Moulay Ramdane.

10/9/2016 7:22:42 PM
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