Re: IBM URLs (http://www.ibm.com/ vs. #2

Mark Townsend said:
> Obnoxio The Clown wrote:
>> Superboer said:
>>>well i do not know which idiot came up with SOA
>>>(Service-Oriented Architecture)
>>>in dutch soa is short for sexual overdraagbare aandoening...
>>>sex disease.....
>>>they offer their customers a soa???
>> Yep, via a poxy server. :o)
> Hmm - is the code re-entrant ?

Only via a "Brown Hat" back door.

Bye now,

"C'est pas parce qu'on n'a rien ` dire qu'il faut fermer sa gueule"
  - Coluche

 did i mention i like nulls? heck, i even go so far as to say that all
columns in a table except the primary key could/should be nullable. this
has certain advantages, for example, if you need to insert a child record
and you don't have a parent row for it, just do an insert into the parent
table with the primary key value (everything else null), and voila,
relational integrity is preserved. but this is, admittedly, a bit
controversial among modellers.

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