Can I reliably do Access 2003 direct replication over a VPN

OK I know I am going way back.

About 11 years ago I created a replicated database with clusters of three r=
eplicas in each of two remote offices.  Users at those offices direct repli=
cated to their local master via high speed LAN.  Periodically, the clusters=
 sync themselves.  Also periodically, the remote clusters replicated with d=
irect replication over a leased line.  This worked amazingly well over the =
past 11 years.
Recently, the company has abandoned the two remote sites and has opened a n=
ew location.  They have a VPN (Internet based) between it and HQ.  They are=
 doing direct replication over it.  Most of the time it works.  However, tw=
o times in 45 days one cluster at HQ has become corrupted.

Is it reasonable to try to do direct replication over a fast, but VPN/inter=
net link?

12/9/2016 3:22:26 PM
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