ERROR: "Method 'Connection' of object '_Current Project' failed."

I have created a front-end application and back-end database. 
Everytime that I opened the program in the past, it open just fine
with no errors when linking to the back-end tables.

lately, I get the following error message whenever I open my

ERROR:  "Method 'Connection' of object '_Current Project' failed. 
Check to see if you installed the tables used for storing data is in
the default directory. -2147024769

After clicking, "OK", my application continues on to open anyway.

I have checked the application to determine if the intended location
for the link tables where in view and relinked them to be sure.  Each
of the forms continue to show data from the backend.  But, I continue
to get the above error message.

Any clues?

6/29/2004 3:01:44 AM
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