Screen vs ReportView

You can send a report to screen (normal) or report view.  I give the user t=
he option of Screen or Scrollable.  From what I determined, I do something =
  intPrint =3D iif(OutPutTo =3D "Screen",2,5)
  Docmd.OpenReport "RptName",intPrint

2 is for screen, 5 is for report view output.

Pluses and minuses.  To screen, you have a big button on the menu to Close =
Print Preview.  You also have an option to print.  That's good.  You can't =
search your report.  That is bad.

If sent to Report View, there is no button on the menu to close.  You also =
have no option to print.  Poor programming on Microsoft.  However, you can =
do a Ctrl+F to search your report.  That is good.  The bad part is that it =
defaults to Whole Field for searching.  You must select Any Part Of Field f=
or this Find to work.  Again, poor programming on Microsoft.  Also, the rep=
ort can use the wheel on your mouse to move around.  That is good.

The only other negative I've experienced is my boss likes to be placed at t=
he end of the report when opened.  Immediately after calling/running the re=
port I have a SendKeys "{End}", True.  This moves to the end of the report =
in Screen option.  It has NO effect in Scrollable.  Again, poor programming=
 on Microsoft.

This may or may not be of interest to others.  Pluses and minuses.=20
12/15/2016 10:10:49 PM
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