Best introduction to OpenGL, preferably through PyQt5?

Hi there,

This group looks fairly quiet, but I'll try to ask a question here anyway.

I'm a fairly experienced Python programmer, with reasonable knowledge of C =
and a smattering of C++.  I have learned to use many scientific computing p=
ackages, but I've never had a need to do 3D rendering in one of my own prog=
rams until recently.=20

I am trying to accomplish this task with my standard toolkit: Python, the Q=
t GUI, and the PyQt5 bindings.  Qt itself has bindings to OpenGL.

I have a modern computer with a recent GPU.  I'm running Linux and the defa=
ult installation of OpenGL on my computer is also quite recent, version 4.5=

I am in over my head.  There are too many concepts to absorb at once, and a=
ll the software I am using is in flux.  I have identified three major probl=

1) I am finding many tutorials on-line which make use of the older "fixed p=
ipeline" versions of OpenGL (< 2.0).  I don't think that I can use these ex=
amples.  Either I have to give up PyQt5, or install a parallel, older versi=
on of OpenGL on my machine and somehow rebind Qt to that older version, or =

2) When I find a C++ example, I have to mentally translate the code I see i=
nto the PyQt5-wrapped equivalent.  Also, PyQt4 code is still plentiful out =
there, and it handles the interface to OpenGL differently.

3) I have found some PyQt/OpenGL examples which are supposed to be simple, =
but which seem to have inline C++ code for shaders which gets compiled on t=
he fly.  Is this really necessary?  Shouldn't I have access to at least one=
 default shader which can color the vertices of a triangle?  Or an even sim=
pler one, which makes a triangle a uniform color?

I would be happy starting with a dumbed-down, boilerplate interface to Open=
GL.  I hope I don't have to grasp all the intricacies of the OpenGL flexibl=
e pipeline, just to start drawing a few 3D triangles in a window.

I haven't been this frustrated with a programming task in 13 years.  That's=
 when I attempted to learn Java (and quit, when I discovered Python).  For =
your amusement, my woes are documented here:


Thanks for any advice you can share.
10/10/2016 2:25:45 AM
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