Resume #2

                        Bruce M. Beach
                Email: brucembeach@gmail.com

Canada -- to present


ZhongShan University -Teaching Guangzhou, China 2001-2003

      Teaching for the Dept. of Information Theory
         TCP/IP                      Graduate      2003 
                                     Undergraduate 2003 
         Unix Building linux Systems Graduate      2003 
         Unix                        4th year      2003 
         Computer Architecture       4th year      2002 
         Communications              2 & 3rd year  2002 

Ericsson Telecom - Broad-com Board level Design Virginia 99-00
      Cable concentrator device
      R5000 risc processors
      Compact PCI bus
      Galileo, PLX9080, 21150 Bridges
      82559 100 Mbs Ethernets
      Design package was Mentor Graphics
      Operating System Unix
      VHDL - Reset pld, Decode and Status Pld.
             Altera parts.

Lucent Technologies  - Board level Design  New Jersey 98-99
      Project was Voice/IP based on the Compact PCI bus with
        R5000 risc processors and a pentium SBC
      Designed the Oc3/ATM adapter card
      Worked on the Ethernet adapter card
      Design package was Mentor Graphics

        Tektronix Storage Oscilloscopes
        Tektronix  Logic analyzer
      Operating system: NT/Unix

Alcatel Data Networks - DSP Board level Design  North Virginia 97-98
      Designed the TMS320C548 66Mhz 0 wait state DSP voice compression board
         6 DSP's per board
         5 boards per system
         Design Specification
         Implementation Specification
         Wrote the test code for the board in native 548 code.
               DSP initializations
               PGM Space Memory tests
               Data Space Memory tests
               1.54MHz Serial Loop back tests
               Host Port Interface tests and protocols
      Designed the extender card for all the boards in the system.
      Designed and programmed a bus simulator for a PC ISA bus. 
        (The main motherboard would not be ready for several months and
        needed to get my board up and running)
      Some exposure to the Motorola Power Quicc communications processor
      Verified PCMCIA Design
      Cadence Schematic Capture
      Allegro PCB layout
      Chronology Signal Analysis
      3.3V technology

        Tektronix Storage Oscilloscopes (5 Gigasamples/sec)
        Tektronix  Logic analyzer 
      Operating system was Unix

Tandem Computers      - Fault tolerant Computers Texas    97 
      Motorola 68360 communications processor
      1.2Gbps Router cloud processor board debug
      CPU board debug
      System Clocks
      1149.1 Boundary Scan C coding
      signal analysis
      Tektronix Storage Oscilloscopes (5 Gigasamples/sec)
      HP Logic analyzer (128 channel touch screen types)
      Operating system was Unix

GE-Harris              -Locomotive Power Distribution Florida       96-97
      Designing the lab
      Buying equipment
      Pneumatic Equipment
      Designing test fixtures
      Debug and general assistance
      Visio Technical Cad Program
      360 Communications Processor
      Military Specs

Data Race             - Modems             Texas          96
      PADS Schematic Capture
      Cronology timing program
      68302 communications embedded processor
      familiarity with ISDN, 79R79, 79C30  U interface chips
      designed an ISDN card for the ISA bus
      Implemented power switching circuits for 48V CO cards
            ttl switchable from 48V on hook to 24V off hook
      Ringing Circuits
      TI debugger tools and assembler for the C50
      TI C50 development board for the C50

Tandem Computers      - Fault tolerant Computers Texas    95
      Motorola 68360 communications processor
      Maintenance processor board debug
      C programming of the test stand controller
        Analog and Storage Oscilloscopes (2 Gigasamples/sec)
        Logic analyzers (128 channel touch screen types)
      Operating system was Unix

Freelance             - Computer Graphics  Vancouver Can. 90-94
      Designed and built a Video Frame capture device using any
           general purpose parallel port for an interface
      I/O card D/A and A/D,controlled by the PC
      Designed,prototyped,and programmed a DSP: TMS320C25
            clocked at 40 Mhz.
            interfaced to IBM ISA bus via:
              64kb data,64kb program @ 35 ns
              2kb dual ported memory access to data space.
            i/o ready pin transparent access to program space
            16 bit A/D, D/A converters
       Computer Graphic work for television.

Novatron Agencies     - Panel Meters       Vancouver Can. 90-93
      Building and designing panel meters
          analog,digital,current,voltage,ac,dc,line frequence,Hertz meters
          power meters,temperature meters
      Drawing and making circuit boards
          wrote a CAD program in 80x86 assembler

Comprehensive Service - Self Employment    Toronto Can.   82-90
      Servicing television,consumer circuits and general service work.
         understand NTSC standards
      Assembly of computers, cards, and various interfaces from parts
      Considerable experience with IBM type Personal Computers (PC)
      Built analog circuits, filters, FSK circuits
      Designed and built a computerized motion control system for Animation.
            Designed ISA card for system controller using 8255 PIO
            Controlled 5 stepper motors,(x,y,z,focus,iris)
            Ultrasonic rangefinders 
            Controllers  120V Ac motor (start stop phase reversal)
            Built the x,y,z mechanical hardware.
            Timing circuits using 8254 timers to count film frames etc.
            Shutter controller
            Wrote user program which was still in use and functional 
              8 years later.

      Programmed and built cards using 8088 80186
      Detailed understanding of power MOSFET design
      Solid understanding of IBM-PC, Bought first one 16 years ago
      Have written a serial driver for 2 PC's to communicate
      Understand modem hardware and signals

      Languages include:
          Assembler 80x86,80x87, TMS320C25, TMS320C548, 68xxx
          C, C++, lisp
      Wrote an assembler for the TMS320C25
      Am interested in DSP algorithms
      Extensive knowledge of difference equations.

      Unix, Linux

      1978-80 University of Toronto 1st Year, Sciences


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