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How can AutoJobApply.Com help? AutoJobApply.Com

* Intelligently searches for only those jobs that match your skill-set
* Sends your resume to thousands of job-openings on job sites like
Dice, Monster, HotJobs, CareerBuilder, FlipDog etc whenever your
skills uniquely match the job profile
* Delivers your resume directly to the hiring manager/ employer's
Inbox while your competitors are still sleeping. Make you win the
* Saves you time and energy that you waste in the manual and laborious
way to search jobs
* Maximizes your exposure to the newly opened position as soon as it
is posted! Increases your chances of getting interview calls

What do you need to do? Just very simple 3 steps:
** Register at www.AutoJobApply.com for free
** Submit your resume and cover letter that you would like to send to
the employers
** Hit a button!

Once you have completed these three easy steps, the AutoJobApply.Com
does the rest: i.e., scan for jobs for your skills, send the resumes
to employers and hiring entities, provide your submission statistics. 
This service submits your resume to the employer as if you are
actually sending out the resumes. That is, for a resume receiving
employer the email sender will be you.

Success cases:
# AutoJobApply.Com got Jennifer a new job that offered her 35% salary.
She had 850 resume submission, 9 interviews and 2 offers in just 2
weeks of time!
# John had the right skills and ambitions that many employers demand.
But before he came across AutoJobApply.Com, he didn't know to send his
resume before his competitors does to the right employers. Using
AutoJobApply.Com service, he submitted 2 resumes with different skill
flavors and got 3 offers within 3 weeks time.
# David is a consultant constantly looking for better opportunities
and better hourly rates. For him, AutoJobApply.Com is like a childhood
pal! Using its service, he constantly keeps himself in the top-list of
the clients that need his skills and keeps getting himself handsome
hourly rate projects.

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