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Job Title:     Smart Software Developer
Job Location:  DC: Washington
Pay Rate:      Varies
Job Length:    full time
Start Date:    2011-02-22

Company Name:  SmartBrief
Contact:       Elmira
Phone:         email only
Fax:           email only

Description:   New job smell gone? 

You've got a couple of years in at __________ (company) after college, and you're not quite an expert in anything yet, but you've a lot of good experience and are willing to learn. You solve problems quickly, you do your work promptly and Unfortunately, ___________ (person) over in the next cubicle won't teach you anything about _____________ (programming skill), and your manager now mistakenly thinks you're only good at _____________ (type of paperwork) and ____________ (verb) coffee. 

So, you fire up your computer running ______________ (operating system) and first remap ___________ (keyboard shortcut) to be your boss key. You head over to ______________ (site where you found this posting) and search for a _________________ (list of superlatives) job. The search returns ___________ (a whole number  0 and =1) job posting! Wow, you think, _______________ (name of a company spelled s-m-a-r-t-b-r-i-e-f) sounds like an ____________ (adjective) place. 

So have a bachelors and 2+ years work experience with Java and JSP?
Working knowledge or severe curiosity of SQL, XML, XSLT, Struts, iBatis, Spring? Love learning? Like getting your hands dirty? 

Job Summary: You will be primarily involved with small-scale feature development and bug-fixes for our existing products, learning new skills and gaining experience and insight into our code. You will also spend time working with senior development staff on large, complicated, important projects.  Possible projects involve web apps, heavily analytical Java processes, mobile development, and code to integrate with fancy third-party software packages.  As you learn our code base and develop your skills, you will start to lead projects of increasing size and complexity, to the point where on some random Tuesday we'll put "Senior" in front of your title and make your paycheck bigger.

*Fix weird bugs without introducing new ones, preferably on the first trip through QA *See things the way they could be and ask "Why not?" (not really, I guess.  You can leave that out.) *Take a sizable chunk of assigned work and finish it off without a great deal of hand holding *Explain technical concepts to non-technical people, especially to those whose goals are temporarily obstructed by said technical concepts *Dive into unfamiliar frameworks, technologies, and software packages with more excitement than fear.

Then please send us your resume and an explanation of why you're our perfect candidate, or why we're your perfect company. Or why we're neither but should still work together. jobs@smartbrief.com

For FASTEST PROCESSING of your resume, please visit http://www.jobcircle.com/classifieds/6475556.html?source=ng to apply online.

For fastest processing of your resume, this employer asks that
you apply to this job using the URL above.

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