How to add data to a PDF form - demo available


We have been asked by many developers how to utilise our PDF-Tools SDK to
bulk fill in a PDF standard Forms as may be downloaded for example from
various Government office web site sites with data - en masse and have now
put together a simple example to show how.

For this example we have used the US Government Revenue Service Tax form
1099-R, this demo takes this standard Government PDF formatted form and adds
data from a sample data file (in text format) using the Overlay features
recently added to PDF-Tools SDK.

Naturally this approach could be refined to serve any form or document
available as a PDF file - or any other application where you have an
existing standard PDF file and need to add data content of a similar nature

A really crucial point is that the PDF page (or pages) from the original
form are stored only once in the output file created - not multiple times
and therefore the file size is minimal - although if using the demo version
of PDF-Tools the demo watermarks do somewhat compromise the final file size
if testing an unlicensed version.

The demo in question is called tx2pdf35.app and sample PDF forms and data
are also provided (PDFOverlay1099.pdf and data.txt)

Please note this is not an example of an Adobe 'Acroform' application - we
are currently progressing the addition of this feature to our products for
inclusion at a future time.

More info on PDF-Tools SDK

Evaluation/latest release:

Best Regards

John Verbeeten
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PDF-Tools & SDK, TIFF-XChange & SDK, DocuTrack.
Email : johnV@docu-track.com
Support: http://www.docu-track.com/forum/index.php
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