A Colored Grid Problem

Hi IDL Experts,
I have a regularly gridded sphere object which I color with the
vert_color keyword. The result of this is a sphere, half of which is
colored and the other half is black as desired. Then I take a thin
slice out of the sphere using the mesh_clip command. I mesh_clip twice
to give me a ring, half of which is colored and the other half is
black, again as desired. I use the auxdata_in and auxdata_out keywords
to preserve the colors from the original sphere. Now, the angle of
slicing is not perpendicular to the sphere's poles so the grid on the
ring is not what I would call nice. What I want to do now is take the
colors from the colored part and mirror them on the uncolored part,
but as the grid is not 'nice' and I'm using vert_colors this is
proving to be a bit tricky.
Anybody got any ideas?
grl (3)
9/10/2003 10:28:11 AM
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