Dataminer: LOCK TABLES does not work (myodbc)


I am currently writing function/procedure
which writes data to a mysql-table
(using myodbc on Win2000). I want
to do it as correct as possible and tried
LOCK TABLES (with: dbobj->ExecuteSQL) for
the first time.

Unfortunately I got an error message that
I cannot write to the table afterwards because
it is locked! I used the same database object
for locking and writing of course. I am not
sure if myodbc or dataminer is to blame but
it seems, that for both SQL-statements individual
database-threads are started. LOCKING is only
working inside the same thread, though!

Anyone having experience in these issues? I have
once again the feeling that the dataminer is only
providing a very minimum of database functionality
for a very high price! :-(

Olaf (a little bit disappointed)

9/5/2003 11:07:53 AM
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