[Job-SF, CA] Database Caching Engineer #2

Hi all,

Our client is a leading enterprise software company in San Francisco -
App Server/Application Development & Devployment Platform.  They're
currently growing their Technical team, and would like to hear from all
of you talented engineers out there.  Below is a description of the
opportunity.  To express interest, please contact/send resume to

--Database Caching Engineer--

Location: San Francisco, CA

Our client's solutions empower enterprise developers to rapidly create
composite, event-driven applications that inherently deploy to
horizontally scaled, commodity computing environments.


"	Create an XML data model of heterogeneous data sources.
"	Create object mapping to heterogenous data sources.
"	Create a dynamic, queryable cache of data sources across a super
cluster of machines.
"	Enable writes to be layered on top of the cache and then
optimistically persisted to the data sources.
"	Integrate with transaction monitors for multi-phase commits.


"	Outstanding, accomplished coder.
"	5-10 years experience in the areas described.
"	Infrastructure software (BEA, IBM WebSphere, Borland, etc.)
"               Excellent People Skills
"               Excellent problem solving capabilities
"               Able to succeed in a fast-paced start-up environment

12/9/2004 9:45:08 PM
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