free java report bean for JSP?

I searched Google and there are SO many results. 
So, I figured I'd see if anyone here has a favorite reporting bean for use in 
JSP. The easier it is to work with, the better. I don't need anything fancy. 
I just need it to be able to produce decent reports from a database that can 
be easily modified. Plug in to JBuilder (free edition) a huge plus. Not 
having to do direct SQL even better (I've made my own queries so far and to 
get the data out, the SQL is so horrid, no one who isn't really well versed 
in SQL is going to be able to modify it).

For those who use JSP and beans, what is your favorite reporting bean (free) 
and why?
(I cannot use Struts. Webserver sucks.)


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tiny_one (318)
8/16/2004 1:04:27 PM
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