ACM/SPEC ICPE 2017 - Call for Workshop Proposals #2

                                       ICPE 2017
8th ACM/SPEC International Conference on Performance Engineering

       Sponsored by ACM SIGMETRICS, SIGSOFT, and SPEC RG

                                    L'Aquila, Italy
                                 April 22-26, 2017




Workshop Proposals:
Nov 5, 2016

Workshop Proposals Notification:
Nov 19, 2016



The goal of the International Conference on Performance Engineering (ICPE) =
is to integrate theory and practice in the field of performance engineering=
 by providing a forum for sharing ideas and experiences between industry an=
d academia. Nowadays, complex systems of all types, like Web-based systems,=
 data centers and cloud infrastructures, social networks, peer-to-peer, mob=
ile and wireless systems, cyber-physical systems, the Internet of Things, r=
eal-time and embedded systems, have increasingly distributed and dynamic sy=
stem architectures that provide high flexibility, however, also increase th=
e complexity of managing end-to-end application performance.
ICPE brings together researchers and industry practitioners to share and pr=
esent their experiences, discuss challenges, and report state-of-the-art an=
d in-progress research on performance engineering of software and systems, =
including performance measurement, modeling, benchmark design, and run-time=
 performance management. The focus is both on classical metrics such as res=
ponse time, throughput, resource utilization, and (energy) efficiency, as w=
ell as on the relationship of such metrics to other system properties inclu=
ding but not limited to scalability, elasticity, availability, reliability,=
 and security.



Workshop proposals are invited for ICPE 2017 on specific aspects of perform=
ance engineering, particularly relating to the subject areas indicated by t=
he conference call for papers. We encourage workshops that will discuss fun=
damental research issues driven by academic interests or more applied indus=
trial or commercial concerns. The format of the workshop will be determined=
 by the organizers and can include invited talks, panel discussions, work i=
n progress, and fully refereed papers. Workshops can vary in length from a =
half day to a full day. Having more than one co-organizer for a workshop is=
 strongly advised. The workshop proceedings will be published by ACM.

More information can be found at https://icpe2017.spec.org/submissions/work=



Proposals for workshops should be no more than 2 pages in length. They shou=
ld contain the following information:

- Title and brief technical description of the workshop, specifying the goa=
ls and the technical issues that will be its focus.
- Data about previous instances of the workshop including links to the corr=
esponding websites.
- The names and contact information (web page, email address) of the organi=
zing committee; a short bio and the qualifications of the main organizers w=
ith respect to organizing this workshop.
- Estimated number of attendees.
- Link to a preliminary web site of the workshop and a preliminary call for=
- A list of committed and proposed PC members.



Each workshop organizing committee will be responsible for:

- Producing a web page and a "Call for Papers/Participation" for their work=
shop. The URL should be sent to the workshop co-chairs for ICPE 2017.
- Providing a brief description of the workshop for the conference web page=
 and program.
- Selecting the participants and the format of the workshop.
- Ensuring that suitable quality measures have been taken to ensure that th=
e accepted papers are of high quality.

The ICPE Organizing Committee will be responsible for:

- Providing a link to a workshop website.
- Providing logistics support and a meeting place for the workshop.
- Providing copies of the workshop proceedings to attendees.



Workshop proposals and inquiries should be sent by email to the workshop co=
-chairs Catia Trubiani (catia.trubiani@gssi.infn.it) and Hanspeter M=C3=B6s=
senb=C3=B6ck (hanspeter.moessenboeck@jku.at). Proposals should be sent in P=
DF format.



* Hanspeter M=C3=B6ssenb=C3=B6ck, Johannes Kepler Universit=C3=A4t Linz, Au=
* Catia Trubiani, Gran Sasso Science Institute, Italy

Please feel free to contact the workshops chairs if you have any questions =
regarding potential ICPE 2017 workshops.



General Chairs
* Walter Binder, Universit=C3=A0 della Svizzera italiana (USI), Switzerland
* Vittorio Cortellessa, Universit=C3=A0 dell'Aquila, Italy=20
Research Program Chairs
* Anne Koziolek, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany
* Evgenia Smirni, College of William and Mary, USA
Industry Program Chairs
* Meikel Poess, Oracle, USA
Tutorials Chair
* Valeria Cardellini, Universit=C3=A0 di Roma Torvergata, Italy
Workshops Chairs
* Hanspeter M=C3=B6ssenb=C3=B6ck, Johannes Kepler Universit=C3=A4t Linz, Au=
* Catia Trubiani, Gran Sasso Science Institute, Italy
Posters and Demos Chair
* Lubomir Bulej, Charles University, Czech Republic
Awards Chairs
* Petr Tuma, Charles University, Czech Republic
* Murray Woodside, Carleton University, Canada
Local Organization Chair=20
* Antinisca Di Marco, Universit=C3=A0 dell'Aquila, Italy
Publicity Chairs
* Andrea Ros=C3=A0, Universit=C3=A0 della Svizzera italiana (USI), Switzerl=
* Diego Perez, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
Finance Chair
* Andr=C3=A9 van Hoorn, University of Stuttgart
Publication and Registration Chair=20
* Davide Arcelli, Universit=C3=A0 dell'Aquila, Italy=20
Web Site Chair
* Cathy Sandifer, SPEC, USA
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