Managed Languages & Runtimes Week '16 - Call for Participation

Managed Languages & Runtimes Week '16
PPPJ '16 / JTRES '16 / VMM '16

August 29 - September 2, 2016
Lugano, Switzerland



Managed Languages & Runtimes Week '16 is a premier forum for presenting and=
 discussing innovations and breakthroughs in the area of programming langua=
ges and runtime systems, which form the basis of many modern computing syst=
ems, from small scale (embedded and real-time systems) to large-scale (clou=
d-computing and big-data platforms).
Managed Languages & Runtimes Week '16 features three international academic=
 and industry venues for the first time:
- PPPJ '16 - 13th International Conference on Principles and Practices of P=
rogramming on the Java Platform: virtual machines, languages, and tools - A=
 forum for researchers, practitioners, and educators to present and discuss=
 novel results on all aspects of managed languages and their runtime system=
s, including virtual machines, tools, methods, frameworks, libraries, case =
studies, and experience reports. Managed languages and runtime systems of i=
nterest include, but are not limited to, Java, Scala, JavaScript, Python, R=
uby, C#, F#, Clojure, Groovy, Kotlin, R, Java VM, Dalvik VM and Android Run=
time (ART), LLVM, .NET CLR, RPython. PPPJ'16 is in-cooperation with ACM SIG=
- JTRES '16 - 14th International Workshop on Java Technologies for Real-tim=
e and Embedded Systems - A workshop for researchers working on real-time an=
d embedded Java with the goal of identifying the challenging problems that =
still need to be solved in order to assure the success of real-time Java as=
 a technology and reporting results and experience.

- VMM '16 - 3rd Virtual Machine Meetup - A venue for discussing the latest =
research and developments in the area of managed language execution.



Managed Languages & Runtimes Week takes place from August 29 to September 2=
, 2016. Presentation of papers accepted at PPPJ '16 and JTRES '16 will take=
 place on August 29-31, while VMM '16 will be held on September 1-2.=20

The preliminary program is available at the following links:=20
- PPPJ '16 and JTRES '16: http://manlang16.inf.usi.ch/programme
- VMM '16: http://vmmeetup.github.io/2016/



Registration is open! To register to PPPJ '16 and JTRES '16, please follow =
the instruction at the following link: http://manlang16.inf.usi.ch/registra=

Attendance to VMM '16 (September 1-2) is free of charge but requires admiss=
ion from Thomas W=C3=BCrthinger <thomas.wuerthinger@oracle.com>. Please vis=
it http://vmmeetup.github.io/2016/ for additional information.=20

Early registration deadline: August 1, 2016



We are proud to announce our keynote speaker for Managed Languages & Runtim=
es Week '16:

Thomas Gross
(ETH Zurich, Switzerland)
Title: From Managed Languages to Guarded Programs
Date and Time: Tuesday, August 30th - h. 14.30
Managed languages allow the runtime system to perform dynamic checks to det=
ect a wide range of problems. But even the combination of managed languages=
 and static checks has not eliminated software attacks. One reason is that =
non-managed languages continue to be important (and will likely remain so).=
 In this talk I'll argue that managed languages may not have gone far enoug=
h and discuss how dynamic checking based on binary translation can detect v=
arious kinds of attacks. Given the abundance of computing cycles, it appear=
s prudent to rethink the role of the core software system and the hardware =
execution engine(s) in supporting reliable software.
About The Speaker:
Thomas R. Gross is a Professor of Computer Science at ETH Zurich. He joined=
 Carnegie Mellon University in 1984 after receiving a Ph.D. in Electrical E=
ngineering from Stanford University. In 2000, he became a Full Professor at=
 ETH Zurich. He is interested in tools, techniques, and abstractions for so=
ftware construction and has worked on many aspects of the design and implem=
entation of software and computer systems. His current work concentrates on=
 low-cost/low-complexity networks (in collaboration with Disney Research, Z=
urich), compilers, and programming parallel systems.
Thomas R. Gross has been a PI or co-PI of various research grants and contr=
acts. Recent projects, supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation, =
include the "Datacenter Observatory", a joint EPFL-ETH Zurich-USI project t=
o support system-level research and teaching, and a collaboration with USI =
on novel approaches for dynamic program analysis.



PPPJ '16 and JTRES '16 General Chair: Walter Binder - University of Lugano =
(USI), Switzerland
PPPJ '16 Program Committee Chair: Petr T=C5=AFma - Charles University, Czec=
h Republic
JTRES '16 Program Committee Chair: Martin Schoeberl - Technical University =
of Denmark, Denmark
VMM '16 Organizer: Thomas W=C3=BCrthinger - Oracle Labs, Switzerland

Organizing Chair: Yudi Zheng - University of Lugano (USI), Switzerland
Publicity Chair: Andrea Ros=C3=A0 - University of Lugano (USI), Switzerland
Web Chair: Giacomo Toffetti Carughi - University of Lugano (USI), Switzerla=



Do not hesitate to contact the organizers at <manlang16@usi.ch> for more in=
formation about Managed Languages & Runtimes Week '16 and the co-located ve=

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