Oracle JDeveloper 10g Preview available for Free download

Oracle today released a preview version of Oracle JDeveloper 10g. It's
next generation Java tool.

Oracle JDeveloper 10g delivers an easier way to create standard J2EE
applications that can be deployed on any J2EE server and any database.
It's built in framework Oracle ADF uses an MVC approach to create
applications visually and declaratively.

Some of the innovative features include:

Visual page flow design for Struts.
One click deploy to Oracle Application Server, BEA Weblogic, JBoss,
Visual layout editor for JSP, HTML, and Swing.
Drag and Drop data-binding between UI (JSP and Swing) and business
services such as EJB, TopLink, Web services and ADF business
components (JSR 227).
Integrated TopLink mapping.
Automatic design pattern implementation for EJB.
Web Service development with WS-I support built in.
Embedded J2EE container for local testing and debugging of J2EE
applications and Web services.
Hot Swap debugging.
Code audit and metrics.
Code profilers.
CodeCoach for automatic code optimization.
Enhanced Code editor.
Visual Database design and reverse engineering.
Ant, Junit, CVS integration.
And much more.

Get a product tour and a free download at
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