Child window close / Parent Session problem

I have an asp page to authenticate users by checking their 
uid and password:

If (request("UID") = "user" and request("Password") = "pwd") then
     session("UID") = "user"
     Session.Timeout= 300
End if

For other ASP pages, I have

if not IsUser() then response.redirect "Login.asp" 

-- Here is the function
function IsUser ()
  IsUser = False
  if session("UID") = "user " then IsUser = True
End function

I also have a help link on each page. If you click the 
link, a child window pops up using javascript.

<a href="#" onClick="openWindow

<script language="JavaScript" type="text/JavaScript">

function openWindow (theURL,winName,features) { 

Now, My problem is: I click the link, a pop-up child 
window opened, I close the child window, back to the 
parent page and refresh, it redirect me to the login page. Looks like
the session is terminated.

However, If I first login to my Yahoo email account and re-
do the above, no problems at all. 

Is it strange? Anyone has any ideas?

xrongg (1)
6/27/2003 2:25:49 PM
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