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LabVIEW Training ables you to draw a code and extend your graphical design =
capabilities for measurement and automation. LabVIEW is unmatched in helpin=
g you reduce test times, deliver business insights based on collected data,=
 and translate ideas into reality.

LabVIEW is a graphical programming development environment for problem solv=
ing, accelerated productivity, and continual innovation. It integrates all =
the tools that engineers and scientists need to build a wide range of appli=
cations in a short amount of time. It offers unprecedented integration with=
 existing legacy software, IP, and hardware, while capitalizing on the late=
st computing technologies.

Mindmajix training imparts the skills to draw you code and extend your grap=
hical design capabilities for measurement and automation. The learning of v=
arious tools, design techniques, and ways of plotting data results in build=
ing virtual instrumentation or a prototype of a plant.

Acquire knowledge in #LabVIEW through Online @ Mindmajix.com. #LabVIEW #tra=
ining by real time trainers.

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USA : +1 201 378 0518=20
INDIA: +91 92463 33245=20
E-mail: info@mindmajix.com
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