multiple files in command line arguments or adding command line arguments to a running application

I want to be able to open more than one data file in my stand-alone labview application. I can open one file by using cmdarg variable just fine. I want to be able to either
a) have multiple files in the cmdarg variable (I can parse them if they are appended into one string, but now windows is just giving me one file that i clicked even though I may have 3 of them selected in explorer)
b) add files one at a time by clicking them, but I want these files to be going to the same labview application (to be appended to the cmdarg?), not starting a new copy of the Labview application every time.
I am not 100% that these things are not Windows problems, but there should be something that my application can do to change the way things work out. Thanks!
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12/21/2007 2:10:05 PM
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